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Capitol Hill on tense impeachment watch

Good morning, US politics watchers, it’s another tense day in Washington as all on Capitol Hill hold their breath over the impeachment process. And the 2020 race is heating up. Stay tuned. For news on the US jobs figures, please follow our business blog, here, and for minute-by-minute developments in the US-Iran crisis, we have a blog out of our London HQ, here.

Here’s what’s we’re watching in US politics today:

  • It’s almost a month since the House voted on the articles of impeachment against Donald Trump – and Nancy Pelosi immediately put the next step on hold and has refused to deliver the articles (AKA congressional charges) to the US Senate, which triggers the trial of the president. She says “soon”, but when is soon? We’re on the lookout.
  • A new national Reuters/Ipsos poll has Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders out ahead of the rest in the field for the 2020 Democratic party nomination to take on Donald Trump in the November election. Elizabeth Warren is third, but some way back.
  • It’s the last Democratic debate before the first voting for the nominee, with candidates taking the stage in Des Moines, Iowa, next Tuesday just a few short weeks before the Iowa caucuses on 3 February. Shockingly, billionaire outsider Tom Steyer last night made the cut for the debate.

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