Trump claims 'I did nothing wrong' as Democrats talk impeachment – live


The president has already been tweeting about the Mueller report this morning, ahead of two Democratic town halls today

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3.29pm BST

Iowa update!

The longest-serving Republican in the Iowa’s legislature is becoming a Democrat.

“It’s been, for all that I’ve been through, it seems even strange for me to say it, but I’m at a certain peace, and it’s because of a lot of prayers for me,” he said. Earlier this year, the Iowa Republican said the prayers of his constituents might cause House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Republican of California, to reconsider his decision to isolate him.

But the verdict didn’t change, as King told the town hall. In describing his experience on Capitol Hill, the congressman conjured a courtroom scene, evoking the trial that, in the telling of the New Testament, preceded the crucifixion, death and burial of Jesus. King called his fellow lawmakers “accusers.”

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3.06pm BST

Also on Twitter this morning, Trump threatened military conflict with Mexico.

He said the military would be called up and the border would be closed, if Mexico does not stop everyone on the latest migrant caravan from approaching the border. He pegged that caravan at 20,000 people, but reporters traveling with it said it is about 3,000 people.

So far today:
+ Trump RT’s charge that British spied on his campaign
+ Trump threatens to close Mexican border over new immigrant caravan
+ “We are now sending ARMED SOLDIERS to the Border”

So the president threatened armed conflict with our southern neighbor this morning and it will get no attention because everyone knows the president is crazy and no one follows his orders anyway. Seems healthy.

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