Kim & Kourtney Kardashian Feuding On & Off Camera


Kim and Kourtney Kardashian have been butting heads lately — and it’s not an act for their television show, can exclusively reveal.

The tension between the Kardashian sisters exists whether or not the cameras are rolling and it’s so bad, they “can’t be in the same room together.”

“Kourtney has hated Kim for a couple of years now. She thinks she’s vapid and mean, and Kourtney has much better things to do with her time than kiss up to Kim,” a source close to the sisters told Radar.

“Kim, meanwhile, thinks Kourt should kiss up to her given she would be a nobody without her.”

Though the sisters are occasionally spotted together, their reality is they can’t get along.

In an on-air argument featured on an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians‘ 17th season, Kourtney and Kim separately confided in their friends following one of their huge blowouts.

“Kim and I just got into the biggest fight. She was just going so crazy. She’s sending me the meanest text messages, you would die,” Kourtney told friend Sarah Howard over the phone.

“She’s like, ‘You’re the biggest ungrateful b***h.’ So, then I said, ‘God! You’re such a petty woman,’”  Kourtney continued.

On the contrary, Kim told their mother Kris Jenner that her eldest sister accused her of having the “lamest style,” and of being a “fake humanitarian hoe.”

“I actually do s**t for the world and you f**king fake it all day long,” she says. “And act like, ‘Oh! There’s people dying, Kim.’ And what the f**k are you doing about it? So, shut the f**k up.”

Radar also reported a prior clash on air where the ‘KUTWK’ stars disagreed over the treats to be served at the Candy Land-themed joint birthday bash for their daughters North West and Penelope Disick.

“There’s no reason that you can’t have the theme of the party and have treats that are…” health-obsessed Kourt began to explain before Kim blatantly cut off her shouting, “It’s Candy Land.”

“It’s a Candy Land-themed party! That’s, like, what the party is about,” the makeup mogul hollered. “It’s not f**king Gluten-Free Land over here.”

Now, the sisters’ tension has carried on off air as well.

“Their egos have clashed big time and when the cameras aren’t on, they don’t speak, “ the source continued. “There are hints of their feud of course but the reality is they genuinely can’t stand each other.”

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