Howard Stern Hangs With Wife Amid Ex Sidekick Artie Lange’s Rehab


They used to be best of friends.

But now Howard Stern and his former side-kick Artie Lange don’t talk. revealed how Lange entered rehab over Thanksgiving thanks to his latest health crisis.

Lange left his Pennsylvania addiction treatment center to do a show in New Jersey before heading back for more treatment.

However, he is getting his health back on track without the help of multi-millionaire Stern who seems happy to be with his with Beth.

Lange slammed Stern’s latest autobiography on a radio interview.

He said: “You know what’s going to aggravate me, is if he makes more money writing about me than I did writing about me.

“How much more money does he need to throw on the pile for crying out loud! He’s writing a tell-all book, what’s he going to tell? Everything is out there.”Lange admits that Stern gave him several chances as his drug problems spiraled, however, the two men never reconciled after he finally left his show.

And Lange is bitter that Stern, 64, used his demise while he was still on air and that he could have done more to help. However, the multi-millionaire host claims that he was powerless to do anything to stop Lange from continuing to do drugs and booze. In contrast Stern and his wife looked fit and healthy when they appeared at an animal awareness event. Click through the images to find out more.

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