Connor Cruise Moves Out Of Dad Tom’s Scientology Home!


Is Connor Cruise leaving the Church of Scientology? has exclusively learned that Tom Cruise’s son has moved out of the actor’s Scientology-owned residential building and into his own that has no ties to the controversial church.

Eyewitness Clay Irwin, who is a resident of Clearwater, Florida, told Radar that Connor, 24, fled the “Tower of Tom” and moved across the street to a fancy building known as the Apex 1100.

“It is not a scientology building,” Irwin claimed to Radar on Monday, September 30. “Connor moved out of Tom’s building last week.”

As Radar readers know, Tom has spent the last two years customizing his multi-million dollar penthouse near the Church of Scientology headquarters in the beachside town. Radar previously obtained exclusive photos earlier this month showing the Mission: Impossible actor’s windows covered up.

Katie Holmes’ ex-husband’s scientology compound is also home to one of Tom’s sisters, Irwin claimed. In February, the 57-year-old actor moved into the custom digs, which boasts a 9-car private garage and around-the-clock security.

However, new photos obtained exclusively by Radar show that Connor is now living in his own high-rise building. The move seemed sudden, according to Irwin. As Radar readers recall, Connor’s move occurred the same week that Connor and sister Isabella Cruise’s adopted mom Nicole Kidman opened up about how the church intervened in their relationship.

According to The Sun, Kidman, 52, admitted in a recent interview that she grew apart from her and Tom’s kids after they followed their dad into the church.

“Motherhood is about the journey. There are going to be incredible peaks and valleys, whether you are an adopting mother or a birth mother. What a child needs is love. They have made choices to be Scientologists. It’s our job as a parent to always offer unconditional love,” Kidman reportedly said.

But Connor’s recent move has raised eyebrows and leaves many questioning whether or not he’s decided to flee the church once and for all. Meanwhile, Tom’s daughter Isabella continues to be a devout Scientologist overseas in London. Earlier this year, Tom’s 26-year-old adopted daughter appeared to promote the church by sending a promotional e-mail for the church. The message included a photo of Isabella with the message: We All Need To Do This.

Irwin, shown below, is still passionate about his hometown of Clearwater, and its highly-populated streets frequented by church members. He often argues with Scientology higher-ups, and has seen Tom in the flesh outside of his luxurious penthouse.


Connor Cruise Moves Out Of Dad Tom's Scientology Lair


Scroll through Radar’s gallery below to see an apartment that appears to be similar to Connor’s new Clearwater home.

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